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POTS Line Replacement

It's Time to Leave Your Legacy POTS in the Past

Transition away from your analog landline to something newer and better — and not just because that landline will be discontinued by August 2022.

The Problems With Plain Old Telephone Systems

Why Trinity?

Trinity Network Solutions isn’t just a broker. We have a deep understanding of the telecom sector born from decades of experience. We know what you need to transition away from analog landlines, and we’ve already helped thousands of customers do so.

We can help you, too.

Our Clients

Solve Your POTS Replacement Challenges

What Trinity Offers

Our partner network provides access to 51 carriers and over 130 products worldwide, including:

Ready to Embrace the Future of Communication?

Contact us today to discover how — and why — to leave behind your analog lines, and take a crucial step on the road to digital transformation.