Phone Services

Trinity Phone Service Offerings

As a comprehensive phone service seller, Trinity can provide your business with access to the latest consult and provision POTS Lines, Voice T1, PRI/T1, SIP Trunking, VOIP, Domestic and International Long Distance services. Our team of specialists will not only save you money, but reduce any identified surpluses through our telecom expense management and optimize your business for continuity and quick disaster recovery in cases of power outages, circuit disconnects, or calls ringing busy. Our professional team, with decades of cumulative experience, ensures a better bottom line for your business with voice solutions that do not break the bank of your business.

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS):  Trinity’s service provider portfolio offers competitive pricing, term and service offerings.  We can deliver POTS Lines as low as $14.99 per phone line and as much as $32.00 per phone line.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Phone Service:  We have a wide range of PRI telephone service offerings.  Depending on the customer service market, we can get your business PRI’s MRC ranging from $299 -$625.  This is the monthly PRI/T1 service rate, before taxes & Surcharges.  This monthly service will provide your business with 23 voice trunks, and 1 D-channel for caller ID (Name & Number).

T1 Phone Service:  Trinity’s Voice T1 service providers are among the most competitive in the industry.  Pricing ranges from $299 – $625 for monthly service charges, before taxes and surcharges.  While our Voice T1 service does not come equipped with Caller ID (Name & Number), it does have full 24 channels of two-way voice trunks.  Please remember you will need to purchase additional equipment from your phone system vendor to integrate these service with your business phone system.

SIP Trunking Phone Service:  Our telecom providers offering  SIP trunking service providers can deliver SIP Trunks over private internet connections or public internet connections.  Plans start as low as $19.95 per trunk with switched LD services and as much as $39.95 per month for unlimited long distance SIP trunks.  Please keep in mind your phone system will need to be compatible with the SIP provider.  Please consult with a Trinity Network Solutions product specialist before hand.

Long Distance Service:  Trinity Offers long distance packages for Unlimited Long Distance, Switched Long Distance, International Long Distance, Interstate Long Distance or Intrastate Long Distance.  Our Domestic Long Distance Services, based on amount of usage, range from $0.0175 per minute to $.04 per minute.

Toll Free Service:  Trinity Network Solutions can deliver domestic or international Toll Free service numbers for any location.  Some of the providers we represent do not charge for Toll Free phone numbers if your purchase other phone services from them.  Others offer plans from $1 – $5 per number and long distance rates between $0.015 per minute and $0.04 per minute.