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Contact Center As A Service

Trinity Network Solutions contact center as a service (CCaaS) provides virtually identical capabilities of an on-site contact center through cloud-based technologies. This means that private branch exchange (PBX), advanced interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), computer technology integration (CTI), email, text, chat, and social media channels are all delivered via the cloud instead – not on-premise hardware. This setup not only enables us to quickly onboard your business, but easily configure, manage, update contact center as your business grows. 

Contact center as a service
gotrinity csaas

Fully Customized and Configured CCaaS

Trinity works with you each step of the way to create a system that will take care of you today and into the future – no matter what current and upcoming challenges you may face. We work with you in-person and are always available via phone and email to make sure your cloud-based contact center is always optimized to your business and running at 100%.

  1. Business Requirement Analysis – During this initial phase, we’ll review your business objectives and how your business team is organized. Trinity Network Solutions has a team of professionals and technical experts to work with you and implement best practices for your organization’s contact center.
  2. Provider Analysis – With you business objectives clearly identified, we’ll provide a selection of the best technology providers on the market. Trinity works with hundreds of the world’s top providers to ensure that your business has all the tools and configurations you need to minimize waste and amplify business growth. From on-premise, public cloud, and private cloud services, we consider every solution when suggesting providers for your business.
  3. Design, Testing, Implementation – The final step of the Trinity CCaaS process involves implementing your communications design flow and testing with customers. This ensures that full implementation across your organization has minimal transition delays and adoption times – saving both time and money. We’ve done this for companies across the Northwest and are familiar with all the common issues and challenges of implementing CCaaS systems so that your customers experience minimal distribution during the transition.

CCaaS Benefits and Advantages

Trinity CCaaS solutions enable your organization to focus more on your customers and less on your technology

CCaaS — A Better Solution for Your Business

Your new Trinity CCaaS system is cost effective, efficient, easy to use, and almost always boosts customer satisfaction. When implementing a new contact center, Trinity Network Solutions provides your team with all the unique customizations that may be required for you business:

  • Systems integration
  • Skillset routing
  • Collections
  • Multiple channels
  • Outbound dialing
  • Call recording
  • Standard customized reporting
  • Gamification—rewards and recognition programs
  • Analytics
  • Workforce management and optimization
  • Agent desktop design and CRM integrations
  • Employee retention and training

As part of our mission to provide the latest and greatest communication services, GoTrinity has partnered with some of the most reputable contact center technology providers to provide the best contact center software and products on the market.

Cloud-Based Contact Centers

Trinity Network Solutions is happy to provide contact center solutions that provide lower costs, easier maintenance, and superior service when compared to traditional on-site deployments. Benefits of CCaaS include greater system flexibility, superior network design and disaster recovery planning, zero infrastructure or maintenance costs, quick setup, and multisite and international deployments.

From partnering with some of the top companies in the industry to providing full project management, maintenance, and training, Trinity is a trusted partner for all your technology needs.

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