Cloud Computing

Software as a Service

When premise based computer technology is too expensive for a small business, Cloud Computing offers a cost-effective, convenient alternative. Your local IT service professional should provide you with two different cost options. “Option A” showing the upfront costs for creating your own premise-based computer services. “Option B” showing how much your monthly costs for purchasing all your applications (Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, blackberry, windows mobile) on a monthly basis from a Cloud Computer vendor offering storage, backups, operating system, customer software application hosting and virtualization. The common differentiator will be between spending upfront costs vs. monthly costs.

Some technology professionals refer to Cloud Computing as “Software As A Service” (SaaS). The Trinity Network Solution’s definition of Cloud Computing is simple. If the cost of purchasing your servers, storage and software is fiscally impossible, look to us for your options in the Cloud Computing. We blend our telecom expense management & solutions practices with other technology services, bringing the technology of tomorrow from impossible to affordable.

Cloud Computing (SaaS) Products:  Click on the links below.  You will be directed to our latest cloud computing promotions.
MOBILE ACCESS:  We have service offerings for Windows Mobile-Active Sync, Blackberry Server or Iphone accounts.  Only Blackberry accounts have an additional cost per user.
HOSTED EXCHANGE:  Microsoft Exchange 2007 accounts with a monthly cost per user.

HOSTED SHAREPOINT: Microsoft Sharepoint accounts at a monthly cost per user.